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This is no ordinary fitness program. Propulsion Fitness’ Get Fit Boot Camp program combines the intensity of cardio training with the fat burning properties of resistance training for quick and safe results. Coupled with the Personalized Meal Planning participants are given all the tools required to ensure success. Boot Camps are carefully designed to increase Get Fit Boot Camp Logo an individuals metabolism by targeting muscle growth and hormone response. Each camp is loaded with exercises designed to accommodate all levels of fitness, from the couch potato to the elite athlete.

Benefits of Boot Camp
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Immune System Health
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Heart Health
  • Stress Relief
  • Improved Coordination
  • Elevated Levels of Energy
  • Muscular Strength & Definition
  • Weight loss and Management
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How Boot Camps Works
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MWF @ 6:00am
MWF @ 8:00pm
TThS @ 10:30am
TWF @ 6:30pm

*A minimum of 4 people must register for a particular time before it will be offered.

Doesn't work with your schedule? No Problem. What time works for you?

Got questions? We've got answers.

What's a daily workout session like?

No workout session is repeated during your four weeks of training. We keep your interest and your curiosity levels high in anticipation of the workouts. When you arrive at the Gym, you should stretch until formation time. Our warm-ups usually consist of calisthenics and total body flexibility exercises to prepare your system for the upcoming session. We also allow time for a cool-down session after each workout. You will enjoy the combination of personal attention and social interaction that the Boot Camp Fitness partner format allows.

What kind of exercises will we be doing?

Workouts include, but are not limited to, cardiovascular, speed and endurance, partner resistance, strength training with dumbbells, barbells, tractor tires, and fire hose. We expand your fitness horizons with fitness games, sandbag relays, SUV push, scavenger hunts, stretcher races, group challenges, wheelbarrow races, kickboxing, medicine ball drills, plyometrics, obstacle course, and many versions of the military standard push-up and sit up!

What if I can't perform a certain exercise?

We will instruct you how to perform a modified, lower-impact version of the exercise as an alternative. This will strengthen the targeted muscle group so that you will eventually be able to perform the original exercise.

Will you yell at us? I'm scared!

We convince, not confront! We only yell motivating words, positive affirmations, and uplifting quotes. We aim to keep you focused on the task at hand. Abuse, harassment - we don't go there, even if you want us to. If you want verbal abuse, join the Army! For positive reinforcement, come and enjoy the camaraderie of a non-competitive group workout at Boot Camp Fitness.

What will I need?

We will provide all of the equipment for the Boot Camp. However, please bring a water bottle and appropriate exercise clothing (comfortable fit clothes, supportive under garments, athletic shoes, etc...)

Can I bring a buddy?

Yes, you may bring a buddy. Your buddy will need to sign a waiver upon arriving to boot camp. Be sure to come prepared with the necessary items.

Who can/should attend?

Boot Camp Fitness is designed for all fitness levels. You don't have to be fit to start. Our assessments are based upon the Army's physical fitness standards, meaning that you compete against set norms for you age and gender. During week one, we will establish a baseline with the 2 minute pushup, 2 minute sit ups. We will perform body fat analysis and determine your resting and target heart rates, blood pressure, and girth measurements. You will also be provided with Personalized Meal Plans to achieve your nutritional goals.

Please contact us with any further questions.

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