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Will Barton

Will Barton, CFT, SET
Owner and Trainer

Will Barton is a Specialist in Exercise Therapy (SET) as well as a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT). Currently Will is furthering his education at BYU-IDAHO majoring in Exercise Physiology. Upon graduation he will continue his educational endeavors by attending graduate school to study Physical Therapy for both human and animal care.

Exercise has always played a major role in Will’s life. It all started in the 7th grade on the Cross Country Team and running became his passion all the way through high school. During the conferences race of his senior year he shattered the Fibula bone in his leg. Thinking he had only sprained his ankle he was determined to finish the race but only made it another half a mile. To this day Will cannot run without pain.

Looking back Will says he is grateful for his broken leg; “It was the hurdle I used to change my course in life.” Will has always been intrigued by the effects of exercise on the human body. He has focused his studies of Exercise Physiology on Injury Prevention.

Will truly believes everyone can have a love of exercise, even if they don’t know it yet! His goal is to show you what you are capable of and help you live a long injury free life.

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phone: 208.968.4348


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Emily Barton
TurboKick® Instructor


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